Sports sponsorship

The principal sources of funding for the the Olympic and Paralympic movement in Lithuania are lotteries. They are also an important source of support for amateur and professional sport.

The Law of the Republic of Lithuania stipulates that 8% of all lottery sales goes to support or charity. In the case of EULOTO, this means that 8 cents of every euro spent on a lottery ticket go directly for support. All participants of lotteries are a key part of this support.

IIn 2018, EULOTO allocated EUR 1.39 million for sports support, in 2017 – EUR 1.1 million, in 2016 – EUR 706,000. Every year, increasingly more money is allocated.

EULOTO has entered into a long-term partnership agreement with the Lithuanian Paralympic Committee and will provide ongoing support to the Paralympic movement. The lottery operator also allocates support to the foundation of the Lithuanian Olympic Committee and the Olympic movement.