EULOTO is a company which organises lotteries in Lithuania. By saying EULOTO, we have good lotteries in mind: ευ means “good” in Greek. EULOTO’s main area of activity is innovative lotteries. We seek to offer our lottery participants the latest and most interesting in the market of the world’s lotteries. This, certainly, calls for additional investments and some extra risk, in case players will not find our new foray attractive enough. But Lithuanians like new things, and we like to create new lotteries.

We organise the digital online lotteries Superloto. We also organise an instant lotteries – you can buy the tickets in all lottery distribution points throughout Lithuania. We also offer instant lotteries which can be played online on the platform Blitz Loto.

The company was established in 2008 after Donatas Kazlauskas decided to introduce phone sports lotteries in Lithuania. It was a brave idea for those times.

After taking a risk in private funds, the investment of the first company which was then called Sporto Loterijos did not go well. Initially things looked bright for Sporto Loterijos but two years later it had to cease operations – people no longer trusted phone lotteries due to the poor experience with competition moving into the same field. And though Sporto Loterijos had no part in this dubious exercise a shade was cast on the entire industry. It was therefore decided to rather wait for another window to offer innovative lotteries in Lithuania.

After the reorganisation of its operations the company was called Lietloto, we later chose the name EULOTO to avoid confusion with a state lottery organisation which operated a few decades ago.

Being small and flexible EULOTO is now operating and running innovative lotteries which require higher initial investment, and which would not be organised by the bigger lottery operators. 

When we try out new endeavors, we never lower the bar, we assume all the risk – regardless of whether the lottery participants like the new games or not, the promised prizes are always awarded. And, of course, we discuss in great detail all the innovations implemented with the Gaming Control Authority which supervises our activities.

EULOTO is a member of the World Lottery Association and of the organisation European Lotteries.

EULOTO is sertified according to the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Standard since August, 2021. 

EULOTO lottery tickets are distributed through the network of Perlas terminals and the, website. These trading channels are developed by the only company engaged in this type of activity in Lithuania, namely, Perlas Network.